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Olive oil


The organic extra virgin olive oil IGP "AURUM" is exclusively produced at the farm "Paniole", a family owned company, for the "Casina dell'Olio di Oliva" . Located in Montalcino, Tuscany, the farm produces olives in their own olive groves and presses them in its own olive mill in Magliano in Toscana. AURUM Oil is an organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil of protected geographical indication. The reputation and the quality of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil are known worldwide, yet at one point in time they were at risk of being overshadowed by other oils that carried the name Tuscan on the bottle but had nothing Tuscan in them!

Nowadays Tuscan oil is protected by the IGP mark. (protected geographical indication)    This mark guarantees that the product is produced from olive trees cultivated in Tuscany, whose fruits are picked and pressed according to established and highly controlled criteria. The product bearing this mark was also packaged in Tuscany and has all of the authenticated properties corresponding to a defined high standard. The symbol is therefore a guarantee of quality, a quality assured by the supervising standards authorized by the Tuscany Region, the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Community.


The label "organic"    means that the product is produced from olives that have not been treated with chemical fertilizers, herbicides or forbidden plant protection products. In order for an olive oil to be considered and called organic, at least three years must have passed from the time when chemicals were last administered. Each stage of the production cycle must follow precise rules that concern all stages of production form the cultivation of the olives to the bottling of the oil. The procedure is checked by a supervising organization authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


The "Casina dell'Olio di Oliva" is proud to offer its customers a Tuscan, organic, extra virgin olive oil of protected geographical indication.


The name "Aurum" from the latin "gold", bears witness to this quality. The label, depicting one of the 16 residences of the Medici family (painting by Giusto Utens, 1599-1602) is a tribute to the enlightened agricultural policy adopted by the Medici family to spread the cultivation of olives in Tuscany. This agricultural policy was later continued by the subsequent rulers of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.


Tuscan extra virgin olive oil: a wonderful flavor

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is an ancient product, appreciated worldwide and was already produced by the Etruscans since the sixth century BC.

Affresco nella tomba dei Leopardi a Tarquinia raffigurante musici e danzatori

The olive tree has characterized the Tuscan hills and landscape for centuries.

Dipinto ad olio di Telemaco Signorini "Tra gli ulivi a Settignano"

Extra virgin olive oil is at the very foundation of the Mediterranean diet. Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is emerald green in color, but can, over time, take golden shades. The taste is fruity, typical of a green olive, with hints of almond and artichoke flavor, with sharp, spicy notes (the locals call it "olio pizzichino" )Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is fresh, simple, and somewhat aggressive in character, reflecting the essence of the ancient and proud land of Tuscany and its traditions.

The character and taste typical of extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany depends on an early harvest and on the olives being picked from the tree and not picked up from the ground. An old Tuscan saying epitomizes the generational teachings of this good harvesting:

« Hold the basket in front of your belly, fold down the twig and "milk" the olives. Make sure they all fall in the basket, with no damage to olives or branches »

The Mediterranean diet and the thousand benefits of olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is a delight for the palate and is good for your health. Several medical studies have now shown that this precious food, thanks to its high content of oleic acid, protects the heart and arteries, slows the aging process of the brain, prevents arteriosclerosis and, because of the presence of vitamin E, lowers the level of LCL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and raises the level of HDL ("good cholesterol"). From the nutritional point of view, the body easily digests extra-virgin olive oil, whether taken raw and cooked. This is because the percentage of fatty acids is very similar to that of breast milk, which is the most perfect food of all, from any viewpoint.

Madonna del latte, chiesa di Santo Stefano a Miglieglia, Malcantone, Ticino, CH

Do not forget that the extra virgin olive oil is also the most suitable for frying, both from a nutritional as well as from a health prospective.

If we compare extra-virgin and virgin olive oil with other oils, we will notice that olive oil:

  1. is obtained from a fruit, while all other oils are obtained from seeds;
  2. is extracted from olives by mechanical means, contrary to other oils that are extracted by using chemicals (usually solvents);
  3. is immediately suitable for consumption because it does not need any chemical corrections like other oils to become edible;
  4. has kept all of the nutritional properties of the unpicked olives without alternation.


Olive oil has a long gastronomical tradition, and is one of the key products of Mediterranean agriculture, already in use by the Greeks, Etruscans and later the Romans. Olive oil is of undisputed nutritional value, for its chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics that are enhanced by its use in cooking and seasoning.

About olive oil

The rules governing the marketing of Tuscan olive oil are, fortunately for the consumer, very rigid. Each oil must be chemically analyzed and tasted by an official panel of tasters. Based on the results of these chemical tests and the scores received during the tasting, the oil is classified as follows:


  1. Extra virgin olive oil
  2. Virgin olive oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Olive-pomance oil


For the Casina dell'Olio di Oliva, only number 1, the first and the finest category, deserves to be chosen. AURUM represents the elite of extra virgin olive oils.