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made of olive wood

Home design with olive wood


Olive wood is a beautiful wood to make objects with. It has intricate veining and undulations, a kaleidoscope of shapes and lines ,  that  facilitate the imagination of artists.

The olive wood used in the “Casina del Vino e del’Olio d’Oliva”  is Tuscan olive wood. Our objects are: cutting boards, salad cutlery , candle holders , key rings and wicker baskets with a base of olive wood. All items are handmade , so each object is unique , similar but never identical to the others. The wood comes from a careful selection of shape , texture , particularity and uniqueness, and is  selected by Lorenzo , our Tuscan artisan


Our olive wood products are made for domestic use and in particular as kitchen tools,  thus they never undergo any chemical treatment, instead they are completed with olive oil AURUM , which enhances the fiber  over time while maintaining the beauty of the wood.

A little oil should be applied on a regular basis by the user to keep the object in good shape. It is recommended not to wash objects made of olivewood in the dishwasher.


Our range of items made from Tuscan olive wood.

 Salad cutlery : beautiful spoons and forks suitable for the mixing of dressing and for serving salads. They add beauty to the table.

Cutting boards : Intelligent surfaces

of various sizes and attractive design that function as cutting boards for bread, meats, cheeses, underplates and centerpieces .

Candle centerpieces

small monoliths  in olive wood, carved specifically to provide accommodation for small lights .

Keychain :

amazing, thanks to the patience and the art of Lorenzo , we were able to produce these functional olive wood keychains . You will not lose your keys because of it.


Wicker baskets (bamboo wicker) with base in olive wood : these primordial bowls , born from the weaving of natural fiber , become elegant containers for various uses : in the kitchen, in the living room , and in every other corner of your house. Born thanks to the skill of Silvia

weaving wicker and Lorenzo shaping the wood base. They are therefore, each one of them,  truly home-made.