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Casina dell'olio d'oliva
(the Casimirri-Klemm house of olive oil)

Massimo e Silvia - Chi siamo

Massimo and Silvia

The business is a family owned and run company. Silvia, of Swiss origin and Massimo, a native of Florence, met in Tuscany where they both lived. Massimo has a long family lineage in agriculture and Silvia's Tuscan family home was a farmhouse in the Chianti hills, where the land was cultivated with olive grove. They now live in Ticino, where they recently bought a stylish 18th century residence with the intent to use it as their dwelling as well as the site for their trade of importing extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany. The building is equipped with several cellars of various sizes, one of which is worthy of mention as it is a vast space with stonewalls and a beautiful vaulted ceiling, the perfect environment for the house of olive oil.